James Seibel


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Software Architect

Lola Travel
Current Company, 2015 - Present

I lead front-end development of Lola's software used by travel agents.

Previous Employment

  • Apperian, 2010 - 2015, Engineering Manager, architect of mobile application management platform, designed and productized "App Wrapping" technology to modify applications without access to their source code.


I solve problems using software. I'm especially interested in early-stage companies. I provide the technical vision and execution required to succeed in the marketplace. Contact me if you have an interesting idea or company and would like my assistance.


  • Full-stack development. Front-end, back-end, mobile, web, low-level, architecture.
  • JavaScript, node.js ecosystem, various front-end frameworks (React / Angular / Backbone / etc.)
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C
  • Java
  • Android / iOS mobile development, both native and Cordova / Ionic / React Native



  • MS Computer Science, Boston University, expected graduation 2017
  • BA Computer Science, Boston University, 2011


Easy VPN Router

I own a business that manufacturers and sells networking equipment with a VPN stack built into the operating system. A companion mobile app makes configuration super easy.

React Simple Markdown Editor

I needed a markdown editor that could be customized, and not require buy-in to a framework. Lots of projects would display rendered markdown, but there was nothing to easily create it, so I built my own.

Peer to Peer Investment Apps

I discovered a niche investment product that had many thousands of investors but no mobile apps. The investment platforms also had open API's. So I created LendingClub Order and Prosper Invest, sharing much of the code base between them. I'll be creating another app in the same industry soon.

Dijkstra Interactive

I made this on a lazy weekend several years ago, it's a fun demonstration of Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm.



If you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. If I can't help you directly, I probably know someone who can.



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